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Travel / Adventure / Nonfiction
Wanderlusting: A Collection of Travel Stories by Gary McWilliams
ISBN number: 978-0-578-07507-5    LCCN: 2011924970

Additional Photos

I have few photos of my earlier trips. By intention, I did not travel with a camera.
Now, as I write, I wish I had more. What I do have were sent to me by others present at the time.

From "Hot Coffee"

Hot Coffee and Other Tales
"Hot Coffee" was the book's previous title.
Johnny K, Mississippi River
Author in hat, with captain Petros
of the Johnny K, Mississippi River.
The Johnny K
The Johnny K, an old rust bucket she was.
No wonder the endless scraping and painting.

From "The Buddhist, the Mighty Sparrow, and Captain Teddy"

pocket beach on Tobago
One of many pocket beaches on Tobago.
Sharing lunch and coconuts
Sharing lunch and coconuts, with Ernst (on right) and
Tobagan nurses, a third nurse taking the photo.

I have boxes of photos of the Hyak days. These are a few.

first night on Hyak
First night on my new boat, the Hyak. "Oh, what have I done."
Hyak in the shipyard
Hyak in boat yard, Port Townsend, 1981.
Re-build near completion.
Hyak's propellor and rudder
Hyak's propellor and rudder, new bottom paint.
Hyak in Alaska waters, 1990s
Hyak, 1980s—1990s.

Prospecting for Minerals in Alaska, various stories

Gary McWilliams prospecting by skiff in Alaska
Prospecting for minerals by skiff. 1980s and 1990s.
Digging for crystals, Kuiu Island
Digging for crystals. Zarembo Island.
digging flourite, Alaska
Digging crystals, Kuiu Island.

Flourite crystals as found
Calcite crystals in cavity.
calcite crystals in cavity
Fluorite crystals as found.

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